We’re an experienced Registered Training Organisation (RTO) with an unparalleled passion for e-learning and technology. We pride ourselves on creating innovative, engaging and user-friendly online courses.

We offer accredited and non-accredited courses across a broad range of subjects. Our courses provide students with practical, industry-relevant skills and knowledge that they can apply in the workplace.

Our courses are designed, developed and built 100% in-house. This allows us to maintain our trademark quality. It makes our courses truly unique and unmistakably alffie.

We care about the experience our students have with us and the outcomes that they achieve. We offer our students coaching and feedback, technical help, work placement opportunities and an app that includes a resume builder and job search features. We provide our students with holistic support that sets them up for success. We also offer customised training packages. We can work with you to build courses that meet your specific training needs. Whether you are looking to increase efficiency, boost employee performance or drive change within your organisation—we’ve got you covered!

We deliver all of our courses through a one-of-a-kind learning management system (LMS) that continuously adapts to meet user needs.

Mission statement:
Changing people’s lives through education

You can call us from Monday to Friday, 9am - 7pm (AEST) on 1300 253 343, or send an email to support@alffie.com